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"Summer lovin' had me a blast…" Ok, dubious chick flicks aside Newquay really is the perfect summertime stag location, in fact, if Will Smith was Cornish we're fairly sure he'd rap about it. You cannot fail to have a great weekend with the nightlife in Newquay, seriously chaps if you don't come away having shared non-stop laughter and mayhem with the rest of the boys then you need to check your pulse.

"Those are mighty big words pilgrim…"

Yes, they are but Newquay delivers on so many fronts, top drawer activities in a topography that nature built to have fun in. Superb views, coastal settings and accommodation which really will give you a sense of getting away from it all. And then there is the nightlife…

Newquay really is all things to all men, laid back boho surfer paradise, adrenalin junkie's playground, coastal retreat, and party hotspot. With so much going on and such varied daytime offerings, in high summer Newquay pulls in visitors from all over the UK so its no surprise that once the sun sets on its golden sands the great and the good, the young and the beautiful all flock to the busy bars and clubs to make the most of the nightlife in Newquay.

Permission to Party?

Not merely granted but positively encouraged. You'll work hard by day and party harder by night with a really buzzing club scene and more pubs & bars than you can shake a flagon of scrumpy at a Newquay stag night is something you'll remember and talk about long after you've got the last grain of sand out of your Speedos.

But if you're going to be strangers in a strange town don't let your party get lost in translation. A little bit of planning ahead will turn a good night into something truly legendary.

Guestlists Entry - There's no need to be queuing like lesser mortals. This is your big weekend so say the word and we'll get you onto the guest list of the hottest venues in town.

Lap Dancing - Step this way gentlemen and we'll make sure you are well taken care of. While some venues are not always pleased to see large groups. By booking with StagWeb you can be assured of a warm welcome and find your names already at the door when you arrive.

Limousine - Shalamar once claimed they were going to "make this a night to remember…" but you don't need cheesy 80's pop to get your party started. To get your night moving in style and as a nice surprise for the groom why not have him and the rest of the group picked up in your own blinged up motor complete with its own mini bar?

And now for something completely different… Are your friends the types that truly embrace adventure and constantly on the lookout for something a bit different? If so then a murder mystery or medieval banquet could tick the boxes for a night that doesn't stick to the norm.

Guided Pub Crawl - Ever been on a pub crawl that wanders from one dodgy sticky floored den to another? While we appreciate a good back street boozer as much as the next man, on your big weekend you really need to be partying with stag swagger and hitting the best parts of town. We'll lay on a local guide to help you find the best places and introduce you to a few things you might otherwise have missed. A little local knowledge can go a long way in cutting out on wasted time and focusing on good times.

To find out about any of our nightlife activities send us a quick enquiry to see how you can add them onto the perfect package to transform your weekend from "good" to "Epic!"

Nice and Breezy Does It

Early evenings in Newquay are all about cool, the often hot days (and this is Cornwall gents so while you can never guarantee a hot summer anywhere in the UK if you're going to get it anywhere then Cornwall is most definitely the best bet) give way to a soft summer breeze change the mood and the tempo of the Newquay nightlife.

Come the early evening the beachfront cafes seem to change from the ice cream pumping playrooms to great stops off for a relaxed stroll as you start circling like lazy sharks ready for the first scent of action. And the great thing is Newquay gives you a sense that there's no rush, you will find yourself syncing with the easier pace of life.

Adrenaline junkies by day can be found in the myriad of restaurants and cafés on offer. Whether you want fine dining or quick and good grub you're spoilt for choice when celebrating a Newquay stag night.

Getting Piggy With It

A good stag squad marches on their stomach and you can't fail to find good quality dining to suit every pallet. As you'd expect fish & chips are in bountiful supply (possibly the greatest British foodie creation ever?) along with all the usual fast food suspects, good curry houses, Chinese takeaway, pizza parlours, late night kebabs and burgers and of course the much celebrated Cornish Pasty.

If fish is your thing then there are upper-end fine dining fish restaurants within easy walking distance of… well everywhere.

It's another of Newquay's great attractions and everything is easily accessible with nothing more than a bit of shoe leather and of course your undoubted stag charm. So get to the seaside and let the party begin!

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